Bad news

FAIR WARNING: A lot of this is not family rated.

Rachael Lawrence (use to be Rachael Guest) has told a peoplw that she wants to run for a bigger office. Before you vote for her or give her any doughnations, you should know who she really is.


She said that and other things. You can read the police reports. Children taken away, vodka in the koolaid, lying to police, DUIs, battery, pornography, leaving the scene of en accident, driving on suspended license, assaulting an officer, aggravated battery, driving with a BAC of .208, theft and it goes on.

“Rachael continued to scream prfoanities and be verbally abusive . Rachael was placed into the holding cell and she grabbed her crotch and screamed, “Suck it!”

There’s 75 pages of it.